Journey to styling my lake house…

Friends, I thought I would share with you my journey to styling my new lake house! My husband and I are building a house on the water just a short hour and a half from our home as a leisurely pass time to enjoy with family and friends. This is especially exciting for me as I get to expend my creative passion; designing and styling. I’ve dreamt of the various scenarios; will it be crisp and clean with white walls, cabinets and counters or will I go more gray and neutral and play up the lake look? Or blue hues? Being a designer, I love so many different looks, but I decided to go with a monochromatic white look with the trendy gold and brass accents and even bringing in some natural elements. The LVP wide-plank floors are a scraped gray-wash finish adding some beautiful texture to the entire house. I’m calling this style “modern cottage” with aspirations to embody warm, cozy, comfortable, beautiful and contemporary sentiments. I have added a collage below for you to visualize….and stay tuned for more updates!




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