When people walk through my front door, they are typically stuck by all the little details encompassing every room. There is really not a nook or cranny that is not styled…from the countertops, to the console tables, to the side tables, to the fireplace mantels, to the shelving, and the list goes on. Even my couches and chairs are adorned with pillows and throws. I can’t help it….I just LOVE the little details. I love filling the gaps with unique chotchkies; a vintage butter churn spoon, or an old thread spool, (I love old things or things that look old!)…I even have horseshoes laying atop a side table in my house! Not everything is old; I do have modern day pieces and what I really love to do is mix and match the old with the new. It just delivers such a thoughtful, special, charming feeling. Some of my clients are afraid of mixing and matching substance and textures, but don’t be. It is absolutely what makes a house and home. Here’s a sneak peek from the styling project I’ve been working on…go ahead and swoon over the embellishments…


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