Designing my work space…


This is my current work space! This sitting room area of my bedroom was formerly just the two chairs (that I re-purposed from my dining room about two houses back) flanking the fireplace with a wicker chest placed in front facing out towards the deck…it was a space we NEVER used! I am re-designing this space as my work area…and it’s a work in progress. I like this space; it’s quiet and peaceful and I can stare at my favorite people all day long! (Note the built-in book shelves with family photos). I originally wanted a project table here but as I desperately needed my own space instead of sprawling my work all over the kitchen counter, I realized I had an extra table laying around! This folding table is rarely used so I lugged it up two flights of stairs (yes, by myself because I am too impatient to wait for any of the men in my family to happily help) and draped a burlap table cloth over it and voila, I have my new work space! I am in the process of styling it…I’ll post pics when it’s finished. But I did find this cute rolling side table at Homegoods…


This is such a fantastic multifunctional piece…it’s cute as is but I may move things around once I receive the metal wall organizer’s I ordered from Wayfair to flank the double windows… I am also searching for pillows for my chairs. And I just adore my chunky distressed mantel over the fireplace…another bonus to this space in the winter months and now you see what I was referring to with all of my framed photos below….


Stay tuned for the completed styled space…



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