Keeping it real at happy hour…


I had a great happy hour tonight with an old friend who I don’t seem to see often enough but when we finally get together, it is like no time has passed. She is one of those friends that gets me to the core and I love her for that. As we sipped our wines, and I gushed all about my new endeavors, she provided some great advice and insight…so I am sharing what I learned. First of all, and we did not talk about this but I heard it loud and clear, is to hang on tight to those people who get you, support you and love you no matter what AND…go to happy hour more often! Secondly, this wise friend of mine reminded me to be authentic and organic in my growth both as a human being and an entrepreneur. So as I continue to blog, I will showcase my projects, inspirations, and ideas and I will also share some of my challenges and favorite things; whether it’s interior design related or fashion or whatever! I hope you tag along with me in my journey….

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