Cohesive spaces…

If you know me, you know that my spaces have to be cohesive and flowy and emotional. I have to be able to transition from one room to another and feel the same spirit or mood or ambience as the space before; feel the warmth, feel the coziness, feel the vibrancy, feel the drama, feel the energy, feel the colorful, monotone, bold and soft touches of ones spaces. With that said, I just cannot re-design my sitting room and not modify some of the details to my bedroom. As I move decor around; a picture from one wall to the other, a tray rearranged, and haul two ottomans from my dining room up to my bedroom and rest them in front of the footboard, I soon become strikingly alerted that my bedding and lamps are way to busy, too overloaded. What happened to my feng shui, my aura?  I quickly find myself filling my Ballard Designs cart and checking out…see what I mean? Too. Busy.



Can’t wait for the new items to arrive….I will share pics of the newly styled space to include my work space, of course:) My hubby will be so surprised…LOL!

Yours in design,


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