Vignettes and staging…

How adorable is this image? And who knew staging could be so creative!01899781-0BFB-43B1-84E0-3A9D55C93D1E I love setting the stage with vignettes…adding so much character and personality to a space. It crushes me that staging sometimes gets a bad wrap; the stigma around staging being that it can be boring and monotonous. But that just isn’t so….

These lovely snapshots depict precisely the opposite of boring and unimaginative…don’t you agree? Staging to sell or to live can be exciting! This is my specialty, my love and my passion…pursuing the art of feng shui while skillfully styling table tops and counters and mantels and cozy corners…88EE40AF-1B6B-48E4-B96C-0E85609EB8CF.jpeg

Nothing gets my heart pumping and creative energy flowing as much as styling vignettes…it is truly what fuels my soul. I could ogle at these pics all day…

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