Organizing with trays…

Happey Monday friends in design! It’s always great to start the week off with a goal…and getting organized is a fantastic one! I love using various trays around my house to display decor but also organize my belongings…it’s a win, win! Remember my office space re-design project? Well I am almost finished and along the way I have used trays to get organized. Here is my “desk” before….B584578E-9746-4764-983C-07DF4DCCF9F9

See how everything is just sitting on my “desk” with no real purpose or efficiency? A large Acrylic tray to house my things serves function and design…it’s cute!3E2BC98E-7F6E-4766-A871-CA18BC802E68.jpeg

I love being surrounded by beautiful flowers or plants to bring in some natural elements. More trays for different purposes around my bedroom and bathroom unify my style. Love keeping it pretty on the toilet top and a beautiful tray for our perfume and colognes…31308D6A-5718-4DD9-8738-C15259F8F8D881598DF2-C62F-44CC-9EB9-95E2444E3E6A

Try this…take a tray that you already have laying around in your house and give it a purpose. Place those items that are frazzling you, whether on your dresser or work space or coffee table, or wherever, and combine them together. Doesn’t it look more cohesive, more unified? And how do you feel? I bet you feel tranquility and calmness…

Please share your tray styling pics in the comments…I’d love to see how you’ve created organization in your home!

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