Green envy…

So as March continues to roll on and St. Patty’s Day is upon us, I find myself loving everything green! From pumps and flats, to frilly tops, to velvet sofas, to floral pillows…I have green envy!! And green is one of those colors that can be soothing, restful and relaxing to the human eye. It embarks the color of life…think plants and flowers, grass and trees. It’s associated with meanings of harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and stability. This beautiful color in the design world is a natural choice as an ideal backdrop or accent as we are so used to seeing it everywhere and it just feels so good to us. And as Spring is upon us and we are looking to freshen up our homes or our wardrobes, think green! The color green can actually alleviate anxiety and depression and bring a sense of hope, health, renewal, and rebirth. Who doesn’t want a fresh start? Check out some of my favorite green clothing and accessories just in time for International Women’s Day…


And stay tuned for more green inspiration…

Yours in design…and fashion!


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