Blushing over pink…

I know, I know…I appear to be color crazy these days but I simply can’t withstand it! I love color and I am currently working on a project that has me blushing over pink…Sherwin Williams Faint Coral to be exact! It conveys precisely how it sounds…see?

It’s romantic and pretty and fun and light and airy…it’s just perfect! And, as you know, very trendy right now too! Lovely and charming in a living room, dining room, guest room, and of course, nursery or a girls bedroom. Pair this palette with gold or antique brass accents, some gray or white or beige and you’ve got yourself a beautiful color scheme. And don’t even get me started on a blush tufted sofa! I pulled together some very cool and chic items for a lil’ inspiration…


I cannot wait to share my project with you once it’s all said and done! You’re bound to blush….

Yours in design,


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