My work space and bedroom re-style…

Remember when I shared with you the before pics of the re-purpose and re-styling of my sitting room and bedroom? Well, it’s finally completed and I’m loving the results! First image is the before when I felt like the bedding and lamps were fighting with my rug…56121B46-AD46-4D3B-976B-BEF3718146BABB843907-6A1B-4132-82F9-9EB4630B7E63

See how the more neutral bedding blends with the rug and ottomans? I still have color in my bedding but it’s not so loud…it’s a more calming effect. Also, I switched out my lamps from the blue and white ginger jar base to a clear bubble glass base…love the transparency! Adding a charming sign above the bed was a nice touch. And now for my sitting room turned work space…


I added a couple wall organizer’s to flank my window which is great for all my design magazines, a personalized sign above the window, turned the rug horizontally, added some cute pillows, and an ottoman in the corner and bench under the window (behind the table which you can’t see but it’s great for placing my project folders and ideas on). Next is the side table…placed all my magazines in the wall organizers and the basket now holds my work binders, paint wheels etc…I have my business cards laid out and always love having flowers and a beautifully scented candle around when I’m working. 30CA1A29-7C74-4611-B50C-A1784A6E65A16FBE2BD0-D218-466B-AC7C-04B640C94996

Now my work space and bedroom is functional and aesthically pleasing. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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