Three simple steps to beautiful spaces…

It brings me so much pleasure to assist my client’s in creating beautiful, functional spaces. I mean, literally, my heart skips a beat when it all comes to fruition and I see the joy and excitement in my client’s eyes…especially when they themselves can’t see my vision but trust me one hundred percent. It all started with a need for a little sprucing up and updating. Little did my client know that there needed to be a huge de-clutter and purge of things she had accumulated over the years…vases…tons of vases…candles…figurines…books…and frames…oh the frames! We spent an afternoon ridding her home of items she no longer used or needed…even lamps and wall art. And at the same time, I was able to re-purpose her furniture and decor….moving chairs and armoires and console tables and toy baskets and mirrors and faux plants and all the accessories to achieve a cohesive and styled home…all in just three simple steps…de-clutter, re-purpose and style. With that came some homework for my client, some shopping for decor for me, and another visit scheduled to style, pick out paint colors (because yellow walls are so out dated!), choose a new backsplash, update lighting and hardware throughout and pick a beautiful stain for the existing hardwood floors. These after pics (unfortunately I forgot to take before pics) are of my client’s “green rooms” which we decided could forego re-painting after the old, dusty curtains were taken down and the spaces were styled with existing decor. Look forward to seeing the before and after photos of her other spaces as well….


Yours in design,


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