Entertaining styling…

With Easter around the corner, I thought I’d share with you my love for entertaining and styling…in my book they go hand in hand.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love to throw a good party! I thoroughly enjoy gathering all of my friends and family together and share good food, cocktails, laughs and maybe even a lil’ dancing! But executing a good soiree starts well before the actual day of…it takes some planning and typically that means developing a theme. A theme doesn’t mean that everything has to be…let’s say…red and white gingham checked but a splash here and there is adorable and provides the perfect amount of spirited charm. Once my theme is originated, I like to grab ahold of it; adding pops of color in the napkins or dinnerware, tablescapes or buffets, and even the flowers…very important! I believe it’s essential to have flowers or some variation of greenery or outside brought in…it’s such a great way to balance the tablescape or niche and is also so endearing…see how cute?


Notice the flowers in that beautiful vase and how the tray synchronizes the utensils?


And the red theme is curated throughout the tablescapes using plates and candlesticks and flowers and signs and napkins and menus and name cards….you get the picture…

I then start thinking about the food and drinks which really depends on what type of gathering you are holding…is it a holiday party, a BBQ, a kids birthday party, an anniversary gathering? Is it formal, informal, day or evening? A must for me is to have a signature drink. Usually it is a punch of some sort as that is easy for guests to help themselves and it frees you up from having to make several individual cocktails so you can enjoy your company! This punch looks yummy…and I always have festive glasses or cups near the punch bowl for ease.


Surely, I pay close attention to the details…in all of my styling. It is my favorite thing to do on earth! And remember, the details are what sets your party or home apart from everyone else’s..it’s what defines your approach and is what makes styling intentional. Have a glance at this pin-worthy set up…


And please stay tuned for some creative Easter styling ideas too!

Yours in design,




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