Spring re-fresh…

Easter arrives just in time for Spring and is the perfect time to re-fresh your interiors. Just as Spring brings new beginnings, it’s also a good time to freshen up your home’s scheme…think soft neutrals and pastels. Nothing drastic…but simply switching out your heavy throws and bedding, or pillows and ponderous winter decor to light and airy pieces will automatically vault your home into Spring-ness. It’s also a great time to rid your home of winter items like worn out jackets and hats and gloves or outgrown toys or grimy items thrown in the closet that haven’t seen the light of day in awhile…you know what I’m talking about!

Easter brings families together for wonderful meals and adoration and so does Spring…think outdoor picnics, relaxing winery trips, hiking, biking, parks, whatever your  forte. Togetherness. Fresh Scheme. New Beginings. That’s what Spring all about. Bring the outdoors in with some fresh flowers or herbs, lighten your interiors with pastel hues, set your table for family meals. Be intentional…in your life of course, but also in the styling of your homes. A vase, a pillow, books, topiaries, decorative vignettes, a frame…all should have a special place…

Lastly, friends, happy Easter and happy Spring!!


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