No rules…

Believe it or not, there are no hard rules or secret designer laws in interior design…I know, right? There are some principles, tricks and skills, of course, that guide us to a fantastic end result, but really, us designers just share a commonality…we’re creative people by nature who use our intuition to imagine, dream, explore and create. Of course, there are some who get that degree and then others who are just plain talented. We see a space, devise a plan, and then most of the styling comes to us innately during the design process. That’s why I love the action of interior design so much…no rules. You can go as little or as big as you want. You can go colorful or black and white. You can do you. And that’s precisely why I am so excited (and, quite frankly, losing sleep over) designing my lake house. Because it is me…my vision…my creation…my dream…


And you see? The blues don’t have to be exactly the same…the rattan can vary…the white’s can be a little off and it’s all OK. In the end, it will be charming, charismatic and beautiful. And did I say my dream home? LOL…

Yours in design,

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