Are your lights on?

Have you ever walked into a luxurious hotel or contemporary restuarant and felt the ambience…the climate…the aura of the space? You may not even know it, but what you intuitively notice is the lighting. Were the chandeliers dimmed, was it bright, were there sconces strategically placed around the seating area and eyeball recessed lights casting shades at the bar? That same feeling is what your own home should convey…trust me…you’ll love it as much as I do! I practice this method in my home every day and am a true believer in emanating ambience every where! I always have my table lamps on, dimmers are installed on every overhead light fixture, and battery operated candles are scattered throughout my house for bits of glow…a glimpse of my home below…


And there are so many light options to choose from…from every genre of design, you are sure to find lighting that tickles your fancy. And I tell my clients that lighting is like jewelry…you would’nt leave the house without your jeweled earrings or necklance…don’t leave your home deprived of great lighting…please:)


Yours in design,


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