Porch appeal…

I have always been in love with front porches. I love the relaxed charming feel of these added extensions…they’re just so southern and dreamy. So welcoming and cottage-y. And boy do they make a first impression! Front porches became a popular design feature in the 1840’s and 1850’s as a place to socialize. Before radio and television and modern technology, the porch was a place to conjure family and friends in the warmer months as it was typically a few degrees cooler than inside the house. The word porch derives from the Latin word “porticus” meaning “covered gallery” or “covered walkway between columns.”  OK, enough history…don’t you love them?

There’s just so many adorable ways to style a porch…be it comfy seating with plush pillows and throws, assorted tables for libations and snacks, soft rugs for bare feet, potted plants and cool fans and lighting…whatever your individual style, it’s bound to brim with curb appeal. And of course, if a front porch is not built onto your home, back porches and covered decks are just as fun!

Now go relax!

Yours in design,


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