Gray is here to stay…

I know I write a lot about my beloved blue…(because this pretty pigment looks good any where!) but today I thought I would pay tribute to glorious gray. Some designers may say that gray is moving on but I believe it is here to stay for awhile. We started to see tons of gray in kitchens a couple years back and it’s evolved to our bathrooms and master bedrooms and nurseries and great rooms. Gray is the intermediate color between black and white…it is an achromatic color or neutral color and literally means “without color”.  While this tone is most commonly associated with boredom, conformity, indifference and modesty…it has proven to look pretty darn good and sophisticated in a variety of beautiful tones.  I love it on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor, on cabinets…I love blue-gray, I love white with a little gray, I love gray with a bit of green…it’s all good…and so versatile. Dont’ you agree?

And gray with gold detailing just makes my heart skip a beat:)

The various tones make this so called boring color interesting and exciting.

Yours in design,



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