Stone savvy…

Kitchen remodels are all the rage these days and the options are endless in terms of countertops…think natural stone like granite and marble, quartzite and slate and uncommonly limestone…or engineered stone and quartz and pre-cast concrete. Granite and marble have long been the favorite among all the natural stones but quartz is making huge strides in popularity for its stain, scratch, and heat resistance and low cost maintenance. This affordable option can be designed to look like marble at the fraction of the cost…a win win for consumers. Stones, such as granite and marble and quartzite certainly have thier own unique qualities and appeal and are still highly popular…think natural movement in the veins…


Although slate is not as popular for kitchen countertops, the material is actually great for those who are looking for gray tones and rich blue and black hues. This material is strong and durable…an alternative to granite or limestone.


Either stone you choose is a personal preference. Educate yourself about the pros and cons of the various beautiful stones and go with what you love!

Yours in design,


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