My two joys…

I vividly remember being a little girl in a room full of yellow…a yellow desk, a yellow dresser with an adorning hutch attached, a yellow bed frame, yellow walls and yellow flowered bedding and the only thing that really changed as I morphed into a teenager was the rock and roll posters taped to my walls…Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and Poison (of course.) Re-arranging the furniture and re-styling all of my knick-knacks was a weekly affair…seriously. Sometimes more than that! I was somewhat obsessed with styling things…if I wasn’t styling my room I was most definitely re-styling the living room and family room of my modest childhood home. I was the kid that enjoyed cleaning! Because it gave me the opportunity to re-arrange my parents decor…my mom did not mind. And I took great pride in my work:)

I was also a little girl who loved pretending to be a mom. I had two favorite baby dolls; Allison and Brian. I mean…these baby dolls even traveled with me! I spent hours as a young girl playing mom. I would do what every good mom does; I’d feed the baby, change the baby, lay the baby down for naps, play with the baby and take walks with the baby. I was a good pretend mom!

Not much has changed well into my adult life. These two passions remain the same. My love for interior design and styling is still strong…it still takes my breath away when I see a design I adore or when I create a design I adore. And boy…do I love being a mom to my two boys! This job has certainly taken my breath away in many moments and given me joy and pride like no other.

I recently read a book that resonated with me…that what brings you joy is love. Joy. Is. Love. Interior design and my boys bring me tremendous joy…now I want you go do whatever it is that brings you joy:) Find your passion. Follow your passion. Do what you love!


This is a picture of my boys and I from a recent trip to Aruba.

Yours in design and whatever brings you joy,


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